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Want to sell online? Try video commerce.

Video-commerce is e-commerce with a human face: yours.

Video Shopping - A new way to sell online

It simply turns any traditional store into Video-commerce in just a few minutes.

Sell wherever and whenever you want!

Display your products via videocommerce, give your customers advice, sell wherever and whenever you want!

If you are interested in setting your organization video commerce, please choose a Sety annual package OR have an online appointment for a video call with us.

Register now to Shopcall

Shopcall was founded by an international team with a strong expertise in SaaS for SMBs at a global scale.

Shopcall is a first Video-commerce SaaS platform for SMBs to advertise, promote and sell their products or services by Video Shopping on a new sales channel that is Phygital.

Our mission is to have consumers connected to any store in a simple and intuitive way, just by clicking on a link and to enable retailers all over the world to sell products and services online, with an easy to use SaaS tool that doesn’t require technical skills or large economic and organizational investments.